Yvonne Mullock-March 14-April 19

Andrea Williamson May 2-June14

July 4-August 16-Dana Buzee

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Yvonne Mullock’s first solo exhibition in Calgary Groundwork For Action finds the artist teasing out the relationships between natural world, the body and pop culture as they intersect with the ideal of an untouched Canadian frontier. The clandestine activities of our national mascot, as well as the bodily region the word beaver is often used to suggest, define one such rich set of references that Mullock’s work eagerly exploits.

A series of collages, prints and sculptures reveal nature unapologetically poking fun at a prideful conquest of the west. In these collisions, mushrooms leave bum prints on silk, we peep-tom at the night time activities of beavers, and cowboy hats morph and multiply like fungus. Nature with apparent glee is ruffling starched crinoline of the prairie settler, eager for a peak underneath.

Exhibition runs March 14, 2014 - April 19, 2014

Opening Reception Friday, March 14 8 PM - 11PM

Pith Gallery & Studios is located at 1018 - 9 Ave SE Calgary, AB

Open Saturdays 12 to 5PM and by appointment: Call Frosst Books 403.265.2664

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